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Important Update

We are open for business in a very new way

MARCH 19, 2020



We are open for business in a very new way.

You may call, email or text your order. We will contact you personally as we fill your order. We may suggest substitutions among our many quality brands while our manufacturers and distributors are impacted.

You may check our website for updated information – ConesHealthFoods.com.

Phone Number: 661-832-5669
Email: ConesHealthFoods@aol.com
TEXT Phone: 661-388-8400



Now, those of you who know us and shop with us regularly may prefer the unabridged version.

We have had so many people and so much product pass through our store in the last week that your friends at Cones need a chance to regroup. Remember this is truly a small family business. You are our treasured customers and FRIENDS who are like family to us. We love you, appreciate you, and want to have the kinds of conversations and moments we have shared over the years.

For forty years now our family has gladly served your family and it is our intention to continue our mission through these exceedingly difficult circumstances. Our commitment is, and always has been, to the health of our community. Ours are natural products that aren’t simply manufactured. In many cases plants have to grow and be harvested in a certain season. You, our regular customers understand that.

These are unprecedented times and it is not the time to RUSH your supplements or panic buy from just any source. Trust us. We will NOT compromise on this.

Meanwhile, we would like to keep product coming and available in our community while recognizing the need to be extremely sensitive to the reality of contagious, infectious disease. Many of our customers have compromised immune systems. Therefore, we have decided that we will limit physical access to the store to protect those who are vulnerable in our community. We are all in this together. Today we are cleaning the store and restocking. We have wiped down counters and products and pens and credit card machines, but we cannot possibly wipe down every surface after each and every customer. We have seen many caring customers and many acts of kindness to others in our store. But, sadly in recent days we have seen some folks are less respectful than others. Some have more of a “me attitude” than a “we attitude”.

So this decision is based not solely on virus containment but also on bad behavior containment, as in hoarding, impatience and theft. But fear and panic can do that. And all that pandemonium is not good for any of our immune systems! So we are going to do our very best to help you have access to the trusted food, supplements and personal care items that you depend on us for each month.

In order for us to protect our employees and you, our customers, we are asking that you call, email, or text us with your orders and we will fill them and make them available to you for quick pickup and payment.

It will be grab and go, if you will, for what we expect will be a very temporary period of time.

We believe this strategy will allow us to serve you better in the long run.

Phone Number: 661-832-5669
Email: ConesHealthFoods@aol.com
TEXT Phone: 661-388-8400